My Duo Partners

Quotes pulled from their websites and ads

Rates are theirs + mine

Their names are links


Lindy Harper

I’m your petite, bbw bicycle babe. The girl with blue eyes, a great smile, and a candid, friendly sensuality. Portland’s playful fat bottomed girlfriend.


Friendly, informed, and curious, I love reading detective fiction, bicycling through historical neighborhoods, and discovering hidden corners to drink tea, read, and write.


I’m 5’4” with short brown hair, tattoos, full breasts, bush, and hairy armpits. I have a kinky sense of adventure, and offer company that is spirited, creatively satisfying, and passionate.

Serena butt

Serena Amoré

Call me Serena, Venus reincarnate; a Mediterranean goddess. One of a kind, mellow and sensuous, adorable doll-face. 


Outside of my quality time with my queer chosen family, I tend to my garden of terrariums and carnivorous plants. The people around me all benefit, since I’m always cooking something up.

Just because I’m an excellent cook doesn’t mean don’t prefer a night out. I have perfect table manners, provide a lovely polished look, and adore getting fixed up for any occasion at any location.

Would you prefer a blonde or a brunette? Blue eyes or brown? Let’s create a fantasy date… What would you like to do tonight?


Molly Lane


Hello there, I’m Molly. I’m a soft, plush and dreamy companion. Shoulder length curly hair tickles my shoulders and it’s been painted a vibrant color of purple! My bright blue eyes hide behind my glasses and hold countless ideas for mischief. Bountiful and bouncy breasts will greet you when we embrace. J cups that enjoy touch.


I might just remind you of that ex girlfriend you had in college. The one who worked at the library? She was super fetish friendly, just like me. Perhaps scrolling through pictures of me sparks a different desire ? I would love to explore that with you.


I love to laugh and am a raging extrovert. I will put you at ease within moments of being together. I cherish the relationships I am able to foster in this beautiful life.