If you’re wanting something with a more fluid and natural feel, hybrid dates are a great choice. While I certainly do everything I can to make my clients comfortable no matter the session length, some folks just need a bit more time to unwind, or something to focus on to distract from any awkward tension

Hybrid Social Dates

Let’s have some fun out around town before heading back to my place




All hybrid social dates include 90mins of social time, and 90mins of companion time
Happy to be kinda loose with the social timing

If you have an idea of what you’d like to do that’s not listed here feel free to let me know,

altho of course won’t promise I’ll be up for it


Possible places for us to visit:


Laurelhurst Market

Lovejoy’s Tea Room


The Pencil Test

Buffalo Exchange

Books with Pictures


Guardian Games




Let’s replace that awkward tension with another variety 😉

Wanna distract me while I play? Or have me personally up the difficulty for you? Maybe you’ll beat that boss, or throw the controller aside for more pressing concerns


I have a Nintendo Switch w/
Mario Kart
Mario Party
Stardew Valley
Civilization VI
Breath of the Wild
Super Smash Bros

Night in the Woods

Pokemon Sword
Pokemon: Let’s Go Eevee

Untitled Goose Game


A round of my favorite boardgame serves as an icebreaker for our time together. If you’d prefer to slowly unwind and have a more casual start to our meeting this is perfect for you. Don’t worry, no previous experience necessary

Unearth – 420
Game Playtime: ~1hr
~Playtime~: 1hr

Begin and end our meeting with a game

Unearth x2 – 540
Game Playtime: ~1hr, x2

(2nd round will probs go faster)
~Playtime~: 90min