20 Rendezvous: Fancy Takes Flight

Going on tour to see some live shows! Fellow McElroy fans get first priority

Limited availability, max of 3 sessions per day

San Jose: September 28th – October 2nd

San Francisco: October 15th – 18th

Chicago: November 7th – 11th

Washington DC: November 11th – 15th

Prebooking Specials, standard rates apply if you wait until I’m in town to book




an extra benefit of prebooking is you can tell me which outfit to pack

COVID Policy

All clients must be fully vaccinated with their booster shot. Given I will be flying in on a plane and almost certainly surrounded by unmasked people, I will not promise that I am safe to see. I’m not planning to take a rapid test before each session, since you need to isolate for five days after exposure to have an accurate result and obviously that isn’t feasible while on tour. I am still doing all I can to remain low risk, but if you choose to see someone who’s on tour you have to accept that there is some risk. Please do not book me if you are immunocompromised or are regularly exposed to anyone at more severe risk from COVID

I’ll be seeing a maximum of three clients per day, and planning for shorter flights so I can keep my mask on the entire time. Won’t even pull it off for water until we’ve landed and I’m outside. The shows I’m attending require proof of vaccination and masks. Once home from a tour, I’ll be isolating at home for at least five days and won’t take sessions until I’m sure I’m negative. If you’re a Portland local reading this, don’t worry me deciding to take some risk with a tour won’t impact my COVID safety when at home

Availability, late night and early morning will be considered for sessions 3 hours or longer

San Jose

September 28th: 7pm – 10pm

September 29th: 9am – 5pm

September 30th: 9am – 5pm

October 1st: 9am – 1pm; 8pm – 10pm

October 2nd: 9am-11am

San Francisco

October 15th: 7pm – 10pm

October 16th: 3pm – 10pm

October 17th: 9am – 10pm

October 18th: 9am – 11am


November 7th: 7pm – 10pm

November 8th: 9am – 10pm (it’s my birthday!)

November 9th: 9am – 10pm

November 10th : 9am -10pm

November 11th: 9am-11am

Washington DC

November 11th: 7pm – 10pm

November 12th: 9am – 5pm

November 13th: 9am – 5pm

November 14th: 9am – 4pm

November 15th: 9am – 11am