Curvy Queer Next Door


Hello there,

I’m glad I have your attention. Perhaps you recognized my name and needed to know more about this cute Miyazaki fan? Or maybe you were drawn in by my vibrant green hair and wide hips? They’re 42 inches, by the way. Allow me to distract you from your stressful life. Forget your troubles and escape with me. You deserve a completely indulgent day of self care

Whether you’re looking for a brief, hedonistic escape or a full day of respite from the world, I’m happy to facilitate. Let’s curl up together and watch our favorite films; wrap your arms around my soft curves while we watch Sophie and Howl fall in love. We can have some affectionate exercise before going out to eat, or wander through the rose gardens while the wind tries to blow up my skirt. Why don’t we share silly YouTube videos and challenge each other to see who laughs first? I promise, even if you consider yourself a Wildly Unlikeable Guy, you’ll feel comfortable and appreciated with me

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  • Height: 5’4
  • Breasts: 30DD
  • Waist: 30″
  • Hips: 42″
  • AFAB nonbinary
  • they/them

Quotes from Reviews 

“the beautiful, genuine, sensual, cuddle monster next door”

“They were very sweet and affectionate. Everything I needed to decompress from a crazy month”

“Things felt really relaxed and natural. And my cat likes them too.” 

“This was my first time seeing a provider and Calcifer provided an amazing experience. They could tell that I wasn’t familiar with booking but guided me through the proper precautions. After I arrived at their very clean and upscale incall, they were absolutely amazing. Will book again.” 

 “They were the best provider I’ve ever seen, hands down. Very chill person, with great taste in music, that had more energy than I could imagine. We had a 3 hour session that amazed me. Only bummer is that they are in Portland and I am not. 10 out of 10 provider!” 

“If you’re fortunate enough to have a special encounter with Calcifer, take your time, relax, enjoy and make sure they know they are appreciated.”