Height: 5’4″ 

Breasts: 30DD 

Waist: 30″ 

Hips: 42″ 


AFAB Nonbinary 

they/them pronouns 


I'm your local Queer Next Door, your cute cuddly neighbor. You may have seen me around befriending the local cats, or trying to chat with the crows. Other frequent sightings (pre-pandemic) are at poetry nights, sex clubs, and curled up with some matcha at a local café

When not out in public I’m often either gaming, reading fanfic, or masturbating. Sometimes it’s a blend of those activities: there is some hot Hannigram erotica on Ao3, and why open settings to change your difficulty when you can just grab a vibrator?


If I’m on the hunt for non-solo fun then I’m one of those bisexuals who prefers men. Girls are adorable, have certainly had fun times with them, but I need a bit more time knowing them before I’m interested. Versus if you’re a dude with some facial hair and curls and I spot you while horny at a sex club there’s a 50% chance I’m going to ask to hook-up


Outside of being bi, my other claim to queerness is that I’m nonbinary. Specific tumblr micro-label is maverique, but that term was invented this decade so it’s chill, it’s fine that you’re almost definitely learning it right now. I only do one-on-one sessions (sorry couples) so pronouns/gender don’t really come up that often anyway. If you think I’m hot but identify as straight, it’s okay, you can book me 
Altho, if you like how much my clit has grown from testosterone that is kinda gay lol 


If you want more of an idea of what I’m like as a ~companion~ just check out my reviews on PD and TNA, I’m too lazy to try and come up with euphemisms