Height: 5’4″

Breasts: 30DD

Waist: 30″

Hips: 42″

AFAB Nonbinary

they/them pronouns

started testosterone on 4/20/20

check out my clit growth pics on my content page

I’m your local Queer Next Door, your cute cuddly neighbor. Pretty much your standard millennial/Gen Z cusp; kinda socially awkward, have a surreal sense of humor, and am directly contributing to the resurgence of DnD ( TAZ fans hmu pls)

If we have a certain interest in common, my last name may sound familiar to you. Promise, that was an accidental reference, otherwise I would’ve gone all the way and spelled it the same (probs safer I didn’t tho, don’t need Todd suing me). Will admit, never actually finished the main storyline, often get distracted stealthing around and hunting the city guards for sport

Outside of tabletops and video games, I’m also slowly building a board/card game collection! Always happy to play a game as an icebreaker, or watch BDG make a fool of himself in an Overboard vid

If you want more of an idea of what I’m like as a ~companion~ just check out my reviews on PD and TNA, I’m too lazy to try and come up with euphemisms