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I’m still taking the pandemic seriously, and doing everything I can to make sure our fun can be stress free. I continue to mask in all indoor public spaces and get the updated COVID vaccines for new variants (last shot in Oct 2023). I’m offering both masked and unmasked sessions, and require my clients take a PCR quality COVID test before unmasked sessions. I have a Metrix reader and will meet you somewhere with outdoor seating to help you test. Testing will take approximately 45 minutes


Any sort of sexual speech is not allowed during any part of the booking process. It is not okay in initial inquiries, and it is still not okay once you are screened. If you make our conversation sexual after having sent a deposit I will still cancel our session

Understandably, some clients are uncomfortable sharing their personal info. If this is you, I get it, but those are my boundaries. If you aren’t comfortable sharing your legal name, then you’ll need to move along. You can always browse tryst.link 

If you’re still reading, great! Can’t wait to hear from you. Now to be clear, you sending what I ask for doesn’t immediately mean I’ll agree to see you. I reserve the right to refuse any client who I don’t feel comfortable meeting. As long as you’re polite I’m sure we’ll get along fine, just don’t act entitled to meeting me

Once you’re screened, we can move on to setting an exact day, time, and duration. Once we’ve set a time, I will ask for a deposit in order to firmly book that time slot. The deposit counts as part of my rate. It’s only after I’ve received that deposit that I write it down in my calendar and consider that time taken


I require a nonrefundable deposit in order to book. It counts as part of my rate, not an additional fee. It helps reassure me that you are committed to our plans, and allows me to relax and focus on getting ready for you. No need for anxiously checking my texts to make sure you’ve confirmed, we both can go about our days knowing we have some exciting plans ahead. It can be sent via bitcoin or an online giftcard. Please wait until I’ve made it clear I’m comfortable meeting and have asked for the deposit before sending it. The rest of my rate can be paid via cash or bitcoin


Life is complicated, sometimes stuff happens, I get that. But also this is my business. So while I’m happy to just shift the date if you have to reschedule 48hrs or more before our appointment, if it’s under that then I will be keeping the deposit as a cancellation fee. If you find yourself needing to cancel but don’t yet know when you can reschedule for, you need to figure out when works within a week. I’m happy to plan rather far in advance, but you need to firmly decide on a day and time so I can pencil it in my schedule. Just letting your deposit float around for an eventual someday isn’t an option


For people new to this industry, fyi incall is our slang for when the provider is the host. I’ll have everything laid out and ready for us, you just need to freshen up and head over. I use a two step system for incall directions. What this means is the morning of our plans you’ll be given directions for where to park, and won’t receive directions to my incall until a couple minutes before our session after you’ve texted me that you’re there

While I consider myself an introvert, I’ve somehow been good enough at networking to be trusted with two different incall options. Both of these are shared spaces, meaning that even if I have free time that doesn’t mean the space is available, and prebooking is highly encouraged if you have a specific location in mind. Once you’ve arrived, I’ll ask to get business out of the way before directing you to use the bathroom. Even if you don’t need to go, please wash your hands and use some mouthwash

Hollywood District

Upscale studio apartment in the Hollywood District. Very conveniently located near the 84, with free parking available. This incall is non-smoking, and is recommended for anyone with scent sensitivities

Nob Hill

Small studio with a homey vibe just off NW 23rd. Parking can be hard to find, you may need to pay to park. Weed friendly, with lots of great food nearby. Perfect spot for working up an appetite before going out to eat


You can get delivery for pretty much anything nowadays, including me! Outcall fee is the cost of my Lyft/Uber plus a tip for the driver: often $50 within Portland, $150-250 in the suburbs (i.e. Hillsboro, Wilsonville, Newberg, etc.)

Same as with incall, I’m fine prompting you for my rate once I’ve arrived, but if you prefer to not think of the transactional side of things, then please have it clearly laid out on the entryway table. After excusing myself to the restroom so I can discreetly check that everything is in order, I’ll be back with you and the fun will begin


Think of tours like a business trip. While I certainly plan tours around cities I want to see, often I’m holed up in my hotel room the entire time bumping ads and getting ready. The best thing to do when you book during a tour is to show me your city! Booking ahead of time also allows me to know my expenses are covered and I can afford some time sight seeing. And if you are the gift giving type, please plan for items I can enjoy while I’m in town or easily pack to bring home with me. Flowers are lovely but impractical, snacks are much better. Deposit is always 40% of rate for tours to help me book the flights and hotel

FMTY: Fly Me to You

Introduce me to your city! Within the US only, and I will want to contact two recent (seen in the last year) references on top of my standard screening

Client covers travel costs and at least two nights at a hotel. I’ll fly in the day before our session so I can be well rested when I’m with you

Deposit is 40% of rate + hotel and travel costs