Curvy Queer Next Door



Any sort of sexual speech is not allowed during any part of the booking process. It is not okay in initial inquiries, and it is STILL not okay once you are screened. If you make our convo sexual after having sent a deposit I will still cancel our session, and your deposit will either be refunded or you’ll be given free access to my OnlyFans for a year 

Understandably, some clients are uncomfortable sharing their personal info. If this is you, I get it, but those are my boundaries. If you aren’t comfortable sharing your legal name, then you’ll just need to move along. You can always browse 

If you’re still reading, great! Can’t wait to hear from you. Now to be clear, you sending what I ask for doesn’t immediately mean I’ll agree to see you. I reserve the right to refuse any client who I don’t feel comfortable meeting. As long as you’re polite I’m sure we’ll get along fine, just don’t act entitled to meeting me

Once you’re screened, we can move on to setting an exact day, time, duration, and session type. While I’m happy to extend a session when able, I do share my incall with another provider, so that’s rarely doable. Once we’ve set a time, I will ask for a deposit in order to firmly book that time slot. The deposit is $40, and counts as part of my rate. It’s only after I’ve received that deposit that I write it down in my shared calendar with my incallmate and consider that time taken 


Life is complicated, sometimes stuff happens, I get that. But also this is my business. So while I’m happy to just shift the date if you have to reschedule 24hrs or more before our appointment, if it’s under that then I will be keeping the deposit as a cancellation fee

If you find yourself needing to cancel but don’t yet know when you can reschedule for, you need to figure out when works within a week. I’m happy to plan rather far in advance, but you need to firmly decide on a day and time so I can pencil it in my schedule. Just letting your deposit float around for an eventual someday isn’t an option


This private incall is an adorable studio apartment in the Hollywood District. I use a two step system for incall directions. What this means is the morning of our appointment you’ll be given directions for where to park, and won’t receive directions to my incall until a couple minutes before our session after you’ve texted me that you’re parked. The apartment building is secure entry, so you’ll be entering a code to be buzzed in. Please read my directions carefully to make sure you’re at the right door

Once inside, I’ll ask you to take off your shoes. It’s at this time I’d like you to place my rate on the table by the front door. I’m fine with prompting you and asking to take care of business first ( and we must always take care of business first) but I understand some of you prefer not to think of such things, and would rather be able to quickly set down an envelope and put it out of your mind

After that’s handled, you’ll be directed to use the bathroom. Even if you don’t need to go, please wash your hands and use some mouthwash. There is also a shower available, with unscented body wash and fresh washcloths.  In no way are you required to take a shower at my incall, but I do expect you to have good hygiene. We’d both prefer I don’t have to kill the mood by ordering you to shower just when things are getting steamy. Oh and I will def notice and hardcore judge if you opt to shower but don’t use a washcloth, you need to actually scrub. If you’re unsure what I mean by that then please read this thread


This is my weed friendly incall option. Expect for things to work pretty much the same as my Hollywood location. Two step system for directions, you’ll be given the address of a local plaid pantry the morning of plans, and instructions for how to get to my incall once you’re there


You can get delivery for pretty much anything nowadays, including me! I’m always happy to meet at your hotel room, and will do home visits for repeat clients. Depending on your location there may be a travel fee, but as long as you’re in a trimet accessible spot and plan ahead that normally isn’t necessary. It only applies if I’m taking a Lyft/Uber or having to be on public transit for more than an hour, and can range from $40-100

Same as with incall, I’m fine prompting you for my rate once I’ve arrived, but if you prefer to not think of the transactional side of things, then please have it clearly laid out on the entryway table. After excusing myself to the restroom so I can discreetly check that everything is in order, I’ll be back with you and the fun will begin 

At this time I don’t offer fly me to you style packages, since traveling out of state for a stranger is still a bit much for me, but if you’re someone I’ve met before and interested in having me join you during your business trip or stealing me away for a mini vacation, please just email me with your idea and we can figure out travel costs