Curvy Queer Next Door


Private incall available in Portland, OR

available all week, 9am-10pm


Fully vaccinated as of May 18th

Affectionate Exercise

Let’s burn some calories

  • 240/hh
  • 300/hr
  • 420/90min
  • 500/2hrs
  • 700/3hrs
  • +300 video

Brunch / Dinner Dates

Let’s share a meal as an icebreaker, or work up an appetite before going out to eat. 90mins of private time, 90mins public. Client covers meal costs

  • 500/~3hrs

Longer Engagements

Let’s spend a day or two together

I expect to be able to eat & sleep, and have a social excursion during the day (i.e. Japanese gardens, Powells, Guardian Games, poetry events)

Client covers meal costs, and any fee for whatever social activity they choose

  • 1.5k/8hrs – 10am-6pm/noon-8pm; plan for one meal, either brunch or dinner
  • 2k/12hrs – 10am-10pm; brunch to dinner
  • 3.5k/26hrs – noon-2pm; brunch to brunch next day; only available for repeat clients
  • 5k/34hrs – noon-10pm; brunch to dinner next day; only available for repeat clients