let me steal your heart



Private incall available in Portland, OR

Outcall available to anywhere within ~30min drive

Outcall fee is the cost of my Lyft/Uber

Looking for a short tryst or a full day of indulgence? Or perhaps something even longer

Some of my fave dates: Helping you beat Untitled Goose game, smoking joints in a hot tub, fooling around on a Ferris wheel, being taught a new board game, any time I get to meet a cat, getting someone new hooked on Game Changer, pillow talk about the Adventure Zone, yummy takeout and to-go cocktails, forest hikes and the wind on my bare skin

My favorite friends are those who respect my time and give me ample notice for our date. Please give me six hours or more notice, or face the “remove cat from lap” tax

+1000 for short notice

Masked sessions

I’ll be wearing a kn95 mask for the entirety of our session, and if at my incall will have an air purifier on high



Unmasked sessions

AKA standard companion sessions. We’ll meet at a local spot with outdoor seating before our session to take a COVID test. Plan for an extra 45mins, this does not come out of session time. Can think of it as a free social date before the main event